"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

What is an Idea Drunk? It’s someone who loves ideas. Who loves to think. Who is constantly spewing thoughts with the minimal usage of a brain-to-mouth filter. It’s a person who celebrates ideas … how we get them, what they inspire us to do, how they impact our lives.

Hi. My name is Christian and I am an Idea Drunk.


This site started in 2007 with the  purpose of being a place to collect, catalogue and inspire ideas. Almost 5 years and 350 posts later, it has evolved from it’s foundations of just being about brainstorming techniques and the creative process. Now it’s about inspiration, creativity and doing what you need to build a creative lifestyle. Sure, I still post examples of ideas that awesome. Now Idea Drunk is about provoking thought and creativity within yourself.


I got into advertising in high school. It wasn’t from watching Mad Men. Or thinking about how glamorous a life in advertising would be. It was because of this ad. And then I got an internship. And I found I that I loved it. And then I got a job. And I fell in love with creativity. And art. And ideas.  I needed an outlet. And Idea Drunk ended up being just that – a place for me to share my passion for ideas and creativity.


I love ideas. I love creativity. I work in advertising. I play ultimate. I love beer. I also recently started to love scotch.

If you want to know more, drop me an email – info@ideadrunk.com

- Christian