"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

Add Some {Brackets}

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I stumbled on some sneaky wisdom from Seth on how to better sell stuff through:

If you need to get your audacious proposal/clever ad/new project past your boss, go ahead and add some gratuitous brackets here and {there}.

“Hey, what are these weird brackets doing here,” she might say.
“Oh, I like them. I think they add drama to the headline.”
“Take them out!”

Giving in early makes it easier to keep the important stuff in later.

- Seth

I’ve definitely heard about this technique a bunch of times from creative teams, but I’ve never been in the room with someone who has actually had the balls to use it. I think people are either so confident that the “work” will sell itself and they don’t want to muddy it up, or they are afraid that someone is going to call them out on using a blatant selling technique.

But I’m all for it. You need to do what you need to do in order to sell your ideas through. If it’s manipulating the situation so that people are in a favorable mood to agree with you, why not? People do it all the time. One thing that I try to do is always have food at a meeting when I’m trying to sell. People are happy when they’re eating. And happy people buy ideas more easily that grumpy people.

It’s not sneaky. It’s smart.

- Christian

Today Was A Good Day

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This new spot from Nike came out about a month ago, but it’s awesome. Just a great example of sweet cinematography and a good soundtrack. You don’t always have to be funny for people to be entertained by your brand. Sometimes you can just be cool.

If you can’t view the video, click here.

What’s crazy about this spot is that I heard that Nike doesn’t even buy media for these spots anymore. They just make them awesome and post them on their website. That’s a ballsy strategy, but I like it. If you’re got the pull on the internet and the fans that will flock to you, why not? The only risk is if you deliver shitty content. then it won’t get passed around. But then, it’s probably not worth watching anyways.

- Christian

What Flip Cup Taught Me About Brainstorming

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The name of this site is Idea Drunk and yesterday, I proved it. Last night my agency had its summer party. As the kids say, it was the “shiznit.” Most people would go to a party with free alcohol, beautiful ladies and kickin’ tunes to let loose and have a good time. Not me. I was there learning. And being inspired. By flip cup.

When we arrived at the party, everyone was just milling around quietly in their little cliques. Then I was introduced to the Vanessa Costa School of Partying. The first lesson? How to start the party with flip cup. We coerced a group of semi-willing participants from various groups to come and play a couple of rounds. After the first round, everyone at the party was either watching or playing. It was awesome. It brought the energy of the party up to that next level and broke the ice so that people could really start to enjoy themselves.

After much reflection (and further drinking), I thought about how this could benefit a brainstorming session. The idea of a game at the beginning of a session is good for a couple of reasons:

- It gives everyone something to participate in
- It builds comradery between team members
- It creates friendly competition
- It gives you permission to be silly
- It raises the energy of the room

I’m not suggesting that every brainstorming session starts with a drinking game (a la Flip Cup). I have a feeling you might loose a little bit of productivity that way. But I definitely see the benefit of starting with a game. It puts people in the right mindset to think creatively and come up with great ideas.

- Christian

Introducing A New Holiday

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In July, Seth asked the age old questions - So, what should we do on your birthday? My answer is usually pretty simple – go for drinks. But his was a little different.

With all due respect to Hallmark, the idea of sending people cards and presents on their birthday seems both selfish and small-minded. It seems to me that we could think bigger.

On your birthday, what should your friends do? Let’s say you have a shoe buying fetish. Perhaps on your birthday, your friends could buy shoes–for themselves, not for you. Share the joy, right? Or perhaps buy shoes for their friends?

It’s my birthday. So, I am proclaiming today International Talk To A Stranger Day. What do you have to do? It’s pretty simple. Just go up and talk to a complete stranger and have a conversation. Ask them where they got their cool kicks. What they think about the weather. If they’re into Mad Men. Whatever. Just talk to someone that you haven’t met before.

Everyone out there possesses a new perspective on life. People have interesting stories that you wouldn’t have considered yourself. But it’s human nature for us to remain comfortable in our current social circle. To exchange opinions with people that have similar points of view as us. So go out and talk to someone new and get inspired.

On a side note, it was a neck-and-neck tie between Talk To A Stranger and Eat A Peanut Butter Cookie. So, if you don’t talk to a stranger for my birthday, the least you can do is eat a peanut butter cookie.

- Christian

Reinventing The Annual Report

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Adris Group‘s Annual Report glows in the dark!

During difficult times, only good ideas can light up the path out of the crisis. Ideas are energy! They emerge in a moment and spread at the speed of thoughts and people channel them. Ideas are passed on from person to person until their radiance becomes powerful enough to light up the future.

The Adris Group has more than 3,000 employees. Each one of them can come up with an idea that can make the world better, but it is only when they all come together with a single goal that the power of their ideas becomes capable of shattering the darkness. That is why this book glows in the dark ? It is charged with over 3000 good ideas!



Gimmick? Yup. But way to take something boring (an annual report) and make it interesting in a way that speaks volumes about the company. Cheers to whoever was had the balls to transform the annual report into something awesome.

Originally found at Like Cool.

- Christian

Johnnie Walker – The Story

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The ad agency for Johnnie Walker has done a short film to build the lore around the brand. It’s Monday morning, but it made me feel like having a sip and taking a journey. Enjoy.

If you can’t view the video, click here.

- Christian

My Favourite People

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This is an ode to my favourite people – producers.
They get shit done.
They take an idea and figure out how to execute.
They listen to the crazy rantings of the “creatives” and figure out how to apply it to the real world.
In 1961, Kennedy promised to put a man on the moon.
The producers at NASA made it happen with Apollo 11.

The best producers don’t just bring shit in on time and on budget.
They make the impossible happen.

Need to knit a giant pencil to drape over a water tower? Done.
Need to map out and paint all of the notes to a Guitar Hero song through a park? Done.
Need to shoot a music video for an indy band for $500? Done.

So often, people sit around and think of wild and crazy ideas.
Some that could make millions of dollars.
But how many people get off their asses and execute?
A brilliant idea that’s never executed is just that … an idea.

So, here’s to the people who get shit done.
Thanks. We owe you a beer.

- Christian