"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

Random Thought

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Have a good long weekend. I know I will.

- Christian

What Friends Are For

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To celebrate the Argentinian Friendship Day, Ogilvy Argentina has created a huge Coca-Cola vending machine. If you want to buy the coke, you will need a friend’s help to buy it, but you get an extra bottle for free to share with your friend.

It’s cool when a brand creates social objects in the real world that encourage people to interact. And smile.

- Christian

Tackling The Impossible

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Everyone has been there. They’ve seen the great white buffalo. The chance to chase the big dream. To achieve something that people say isn’t possible – whether it’s winning a Goliath account, going on a date with your favourite Hollywood actress or running on water.

But where do you start? It’s pretty simple.

First of all, figure out what you want to do. Do you want to make movies? Become a billionaire? Or have a 48 inch vertical jump? Then you have to try it. Seriously. Just go out there and do it. You might succeed. You’ll probably fail. But it doesn’t matter. Because that’s the first step. The next step is to get out there and try it again. And again. And again. You have to work hard, bust your ass and learn from your mistakes.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I were up at a cottage on a lake. It was Canada Day, so we had spent most of the day celebrating the country’s birthday in the most patriotic of ways – by drinking copious amounts of Canadian beer. After a couple, I suggested that we try to see if we could run on water. This was met with a mixed response. One of my best friends was all for it. He had seen the video on YouTube. But a couple of naysayers said that we were idiots. It was impossible. It could never be done.

Those are the people who you have to ignore. Don’t listen to the people who say it can’t be done. They’ll never achieve the impossible, because they’re too afraid to try.

So we went out there and tried it anyways. Did it work? No. I think we probably got half a step. But we were a hell of a lot closer to running on water than the people who just sat there on the beach.

- Christian

Simple Advice

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I was reading David Trott’s blog and came across this post. It’s simple, direct and to the point. It’s also brilliant.

Don’t always accept the planner’s brief. It’s sometimes just a form of words which manages to get into one sentence all the contradictory things that the client and the account team wanted to say.

Sit back and sniff around the problem. Have fun. Tell stories and jokes around the subject. That way your might come at the problem from an unexpected angle.

Think of what everybody else does in the category of product you’re advertising and do the opposite. Why do all our car ads look the same? Why do all our washing powder ads look the same? Why not do a car ad like a washing powder ad? Or vice versa. It may not work but it just might.

You’ll never be a good writer of anything if you just sit in your office and stare at your desk. Your new material isn’t in the office or in Groucho’s for the matter. It’s out on the streets. Look at pictures. Listen to music. Go to films. See plays. And more importantly look at people.

People don’t like the great ideas. They’re original. Which means they’re unfamiliar and therefore frightening. This explains why mediocre advertisements sail through without touching the sides, whereas people always find a million and one reasons why a great idea should never run.

Now, this isn’t stuff that you didn’t already know. At some point in time, every creative director has probably spouted similar advice and ideas. The challenge isn’t knowing what to do, but actually doing it. Millions of people each year read self-help books. But only a handful of motivated individuals to go out there and actually help themselves.

- Christian

Friday Inspiration

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- Christian

Leo Burnett Chicago Courting Lebron James

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As soon as the clock struck 12:01AM midnight EST on Thursday 7.1.10 the 2010 NBA offseason free agency frenzy began.  According to the NY Daily News, a black limo showed up at the palace of King James and dropped off a mysterious package.

Within the package was a box of Air Jordan Alpha 1s with a message on the box:

“YOU’RE A KING, BUT can you live up to a legend?
Can you take on the greatest challenge in sports;
look history in the eyes every night and refuse to blink?
The fans of Chicago have a question for you.

BOLD move. Very bold move..

Turns out the package was the final piece in Chicago based ad agency Leo Burnett‘s 4 day long campaign (Click here for more info) to lure Lebron to come to Sweet Home Chicago.

While Lebron hasn’t spoken about this particular package.. but perhaps out of all the crazy antics.. this should have hit him the hardest? It’s not a plee, it’s not a question … it’s a dare.

- Christian