"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

Creativity Is …

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Creativity is …
Wearing a snapback hat with a bowtie.
A hand dryer without hot air that uses 80% less energy.
Beer aged in scotch barrels.
Blending two genres of music together to create musical poetry.
Lighting a home with a plastic soda bottle and bleach.

Creativity is …
Breaking the conventions.
Questioning the norm.
Trying something different.
Putting your thoughts into action.

Creativity is a fairy tale where the princess tells the prince to fuck off.

- Christian

What's Your Creative Diet?

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You consume something. Your body digests it. Then your body uses the energy from what you put in it to produce. This is true for food. And it’s true for ideas.

What you put into your body impacts what you get out of it.

If you put in food that your body is able to easily process and digest, you’ll get a lot out of it. If you put in junk, your system gets overloaded and you feel like shit.

I’m fortunate to be a genetic freak. My body seems to have a metabolism that runs high and is able to process most things. Wendy’s Baconator? No problem. Raw fish? Hell’s yeah! Salad? Sure. It all seems to go through the same.

But recently, I began to learn how to hack my body. There are certain things that I can put in my body that jump starts the system if I’m feeling tired. There’s meals that I can eat to give me sustained energy before a big tournament. There are shakes I can consume to speed up recovery after workouts.

The same applies to creativity and ideas. What you put into your mind impacts what you get out of it. If you consume inspirational stories, interesting knowledge and actual learning, you produce great ideas and insights. If you’re reading gossip sites and watching Jersey Shore, you liable to end up producing the standard entitled teenager bullshit.

And when you’re in a crunch, you can hack your brain. You can consciously control the inputs to maximize creativity. Consume information that inspires. Learn things that provoke. Observe insights that spark ideas.

Consider your creative diet. What is it that you’re putting into your brain? Is it fine tuned to generate the creative output that you’re looking for?

Sometimes, simple awareness makes a big difference. By being conscious of what the type and quality of content that you’re consuming, you’ll become much more in tune to what your habits are. That awareness allows you to tweak them to your specific needs.

The simplest solution is to consume better content. Read a book. Avoid the standard internet distractions of Facebook, daily news and gossip websites. Look for intelligent content that will provide you with different perspectives. Look to uncover new information. Look for inspiration in the real world and online.

Content is brain food. The videos, books and articles that you consume impacts what your brain produces. You can hack your inputs to generates the results that you want. Be conscious of your creative diet. What are you consuming? How you could be putting in more of the right stuff to get the ideas you want?

- Christian

Friday Inspiration

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If a problem grows to become complicated and all consuming, you have to ask yourself one simple question: is it worth it to fix it?

Your time might be better spent doing something else. Something that you love. Something that doesn’t cause you stress for nothing. Or something that delivers results.

It’s easy to get drawn into a black hole with a project. You start and some small bumps arise in the road. And then the situation gets bigger and more complicated. It gets bumped up a couple of levels. At the end, there seems to be more effort on getting agreement and approval than actual work being done.

Is it worth it? If not, ditch the project.

Spend your time on a project that keeps things simple and ships.

- Christian