"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

Using Jujitsu To Sell Your Ideas

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Jujitsu and Karate are two different fighting styles. Although both methods originated from the same area in Japan, they represent two distinct ways of approaching a problem. One is a direct attack and one is flexible.

Karate is about landing one big blow to end the fight. You combine the correct timing, technique and strength to disable your opponent from continuing in combat through one hit. At the higher level, you demonstrate this through breaking boards. Cracking bricks. Feats of strength.

Jujitsu looks to use your enemy’s momentum against them. To go with the flow. It’s more about grappling and throws than overtly offensive maneuvers. You let your opponent in close and then use their strength to accomplish your goals.

In pitching ideas, some people try to use karate. Teams will work hard and try to bully their ideas into being bought. They assume that their expertise in the field or the brilliance of their ideas are enough to get them sold. They view stubbornness as a weapon. They think that if they just push, push, push, the idea will be bought. That’s not the case.

You have to approach the sell like jujitsu. You need to work with the your client’s momentum to get the right ideas sold. Get in close. Use their motivations, their energy, their opinions to get your ideas made. You need to adapt. Stay flexible, listen and deliver. Don’t waste your energy trying to change things that you are not able to affect.

The might of a river flows around a rock. It doesn’t try to punch through it.

- Christian

Wait … Isn't That Just String?

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One man’s string is another man’s fang floss. Or perhaps put a more correctly, another monster’s fang floss. It’s simple but intelligent. All it took was a different perspective and a quick repackaging to breath new life into a boring product.

Your desk, your office, your home, and your computer … they are all filled with products that can inspire creativity and reinvention. All you need to exploit them is a different perspective. And then all of a sudden:

- You can fry an egg with a piece of paper and a binder clip
- Your note taking program can start organizing your whole life
- Your scripts from your beer client get sold in as a concept for a new bodywash.

Lifehacker has made it’s bread and butter on thinking of innovative solutions to problems using ordinary tools.

The next time that you’re stumped with a problem, look at what you have in front of you. Cultivate your inner Maguyver. What tools do you have at your disposal that can solve your problems? A different perspective can open a whole new realm of creative solutions.

- Christian

The Kinect Effect

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If you can’t view the video, click here.

In the old days, you invented a technology and protected it. The technology was designed to sell your service or product. You didn’t want to mess up the profit chain. You had legal teams lobby congress to crack down on hackers and people using your technology in new ways.

Now, you release your technology to the public. You encourage them to take it apart. Figure out how it works. Hack it for their own uses. Write their own programs.

Before, you relied on hiring a team of developers, coders and programmers to innovate and push the uses of your technology.

Now, you realize that the creativity and ingenuity of 7 billion people will always be greater than your R&D department.

Before, you sold products.

Now, you give gifts.

- Christian