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Only Boring People Are Bored

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Creativity benefits from practice.

Your brain is a muscle. You have to use it in order for it to grow stronger and remain sharp. If you don’t, it will atrophy. It will slow down. Get sloppy. And it won’t be raring to go when you absolutely need it.

There are times when you feel like your brain is literally dead. Maybe you spend 8 hours a day doing mindless tasks instead of good work. Maybe it’s an hour a day when you’re looking off into the distance on your commute. Maybe the two hours an evening that the average American spends watching television is slowing your synapses.

We all have the potential to sharpen our most important weapon. The time to do so is sitting there in the cracks of laziness of our normal routines. The challenge is to try to change your routine.

Have a conversation over dinner instead of watching TV. Actively learn instead of waiting to be stimulated. Be proactive at work, dreaming up amazing projects instead of simply executing the boring ones.

Your brain is your strongest tool. In order to create great things, you have to keep it in shape by using it. Only boring people are bored. The interesting and creative folks always have their minds churning.

- Christian