"We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom." - William Bell

The Kinect Effect

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If you can’t view the video, click here.

In the old days, you invented a technology and protected it. The technology was designed to sell your service or product. You didn’t want to mess up the profit chain. You had legal teams lobby congress to crack down on hackers and people using your technology in new ways.

Now, you release your technology to the public. You encourage them to take it apart. Figure out how it works. Hack it for their own uses. Write their own programs.

Before, you relied on hiring a team of developers, coders and programmers to innovate and push the uses of your technology.

Now, you realize that the creativity and ingenuity of 7 billion people will always be greater than your R&D department.

Before, you sold products.

Now, you give gifts.

- Christian

K-Sweetness From K-Swiss

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Well hello there internet. It’s been a while.

K-Swiss has been doing some bold work to get themselves on the map. They haven’t been afraid to stir the pot. Hell, they’ve knocked the pot over and started a grease fire. And most of that is on the back of “signing” Kenny Powers, initially as their new spokesperson, but now as their mother fucking CEO.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

For the first iteration of the campaign from 2010, click here.

It’s nice to see the confidence that the K-Swiss clients have to go with creative that is offensive,  hilarious and doesn’t give a fuck. Just like Kenny Powers.

- Christian

Short Film "Momentos"

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Maybe I’m in film festival withdrawal, but I was browsing my weekly links and stumbled across this gem on AdJoke. It’s a short film sponsored by LG that integrates their products seamlessly into an emotional storyline.

Check it out. And try not to cry.

- Christian

What Friends Are For

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To celebrate the Argentinian Friendship Day, Ogilvy Argentina has created a huge Coca-Cola vending machine. If you want to buy the coke, you will need a friend’s help to buy it, but you get an extra bottle for free to share with your friend.

It’s cool when a brand creates social objects in the real world that encourage people to interact. And smile.

- Christian

Leo Burnett Chicago Courting Lebron James

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As soon as the clock struck 12:01AM midnight EST on Thursday 7.1.10 the 2010 NBA offseason free agency frenzy began.  According to the NY Daily News, a black limo showed up at the palace of King James and dropped off a mysterious package.

Within the package was a box of Air Jordan Alpha 1s with a message on the box:

“YOU’RE A KING, BUT can you live up to a legend?
Can you take on the greatest challenge in sports;
look history in the eyes every night and refuse to blink?
The fans of Chicago have a question for you.

BOLD move. Very bold move..

Turns out the package was the final piece in Chicago based ad agency Leo Burnett‘s 4 day long campaign (Click here for more info) to lure Lebron to come to Sweet Home Chicago.

While Lebron hasn’t spoken about this particular package.. but perhaps out of all the crazy antics.. this should have hit him the hardest? It’s not a plee, it’s not a question … it’s a dare.

- Christian


Just Dance.

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Sorry to disappoint, but this post isn’t about Lady Gaga. It’s about a new class at the Standford Design School. And it involves dancing.

“Play Class” at Stanford’s Design School

At the Stanford d.school From Play to Innovation or “Play Class” is a design course that teaches students to integrate play into their everyday lives. Play is a natural state of behavior in all animals that involves movement, fun, and collaboration. With its large open spaces, the d.school offers an ideal environment for play. Students are able to dance, move and interact with each other which is a vital part of play.

I think everyone should have a 60 second dance party every now and then. It’s good for your brain. I only have one rule for my dance party – no Bieber allowed. Even from you Nish.

- Christian

Want A Sixpack?

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The sixpack was created by Dutch Design firm OOOMS. (Or maybe there’s another ‘O’ in there … I can’t remember.) It’s a great idea. Basically, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative the cardboard sixpack. Maybe you are bringing beer to a house party and want to mix and match brands. Maybe you don’t want the hassle of carrying a poorly constructed cardboard sixpack.

It’s simple. It looks good. I want one.

- Christian

Clever Tiger Woods Ad

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As seen in the LaGuardia Airport on Boxing Day. Nice work Accenture.

- Christian

In The Christmas Spirit…

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According to the news, it’s been a tough year for the economy.
But it’s getting better.
And I’m thankful.

Thankful that I have an awesome family
Thankful that I have a job that I like.
Thankful that it pays me money.

But some kids aren’t that lucky.
They come from homes where they get abused.
So they run away.
And end up on the street.

That’s why there’s Covenant House.
To be that network to help street kids in need.

So that they don’t starve.
So that they don’t freeze.
So that they’re not tempted to sell sex.

And you can help out. By giving.

Need a last minute gift for your mom?
Give on behalf of her.
Think of it like an investment in a kid’s future.
Like how she invested in yours.

Got to http://giftsthatcount.ca to give.

- Christian

Want To Own Pabst Brewing?

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I was reading on Uncrate that two ad agencies are trying to crowdsource enough people to buy Pabst Brewing. It would work like the Green Bay Packers, where the fans own the company. You agree to pledge a couple of bucks towards the cause and then when they are able to reach their goal of $300 million, they will likely issue stock in the company. But for now, no money changes hands.

As a brief history, Pabst is the brewing company behind the infamous PBR (Or Pabst Blue Ribbon). They have been experiencing a revival over the past 10 years as a the “hip” counter-culture brand. The story is that PBR became adopted by a bunch of bike couriers in Seattle. They adopted the beer as their own badge and then the not-awesome tasting liquid became THE anti-brand beer across the US.

What Forza Migliozzi and The Ad Store (the two ad agencies behind the idea) have done is brilliant. They are trying to amalgamate the huge underground PBR fanbase and let them truly own a stake in the beer that they love. They’re not trying to bring PBR mainstream and ruin the brand.They are sticking with their core fans and letting them spread the message and control what happens to this beer and this brewery. Wicked. Check out the official “pledge” site here.

This is definitely going on my Christmas list.

- Christian