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The Argument Against Fighting For Creative

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Imagine the following scenario – you’re looking for a pair a jeans. You’re in a store trying on a couple pairs and the salesperson is heavily pushing you towards purchasing a specific pair. But for some reason, you’re not into them. The style just isn’t you. It’s not easy to explain, but you’re just not feeling them. They don’t make you comfortable and confident. They’re too out there.

Then the salesperson decides to start assaulting you until they get you to give in and buy the jeans they suggest. You leave the store batter and bruised. You’re never going to shop there again. And you are sure as fuck never going to wear those jeans.

It’s an extreme example, but a lot of people think that the aforementioned approach is the correct thing to do in a creative industry. You’re told to to “fight for the creative.” That’s stupid. And that’s wrong.

You don’t fight for creative. Fighting implies that there is a winner and a loser. Someone who just lost a fight will never be happy enough to buy your product. You forced it on them. It’s not a choice. And people like to make choices.

Fighting creates a nemesis. You don’t want your customer to be your nemesis. You want them to be your ally. You want them to be excited about your vision. You want them to partner with you in making great work. You want them to take up the torch and spread the word about how amazing the creative is.

You do that, not by fighting, but by igniting passion. You leverage the excitement, the fight and the passion that you have for your creative and you infect them with it. You get them to join your revolution. You show them how the jeans that you’re suggesting will make their ass look amazing. And how it’s they are stylish in a way that will get people to compliment them, boost their confidence and generally kick ass in the world.

Become an ally. Not an opponent.

- Christian

One Comment on “The Argument Against Fighting For Creative”

  1. 1 Lillian Maria Parsons said at 5:37 pm on February 22nd, 2013:

    So I was exercising yesterday and looked down to see that I was sporting all ADIDAS. And I was like, “Daaaaaaamn!!!”

    I think I should be the next face of that company.

    I’m cool, I’m hip, I like to sweat. And I ain’t nobody’s nemesis. Think about it.

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