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In The Words Of Bob Dylan …

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In the words of the infamous Bob Dylan, “Times. They are a-changing.”

The world is in a constant stage of flux. But there are certain pivotal instances of change that define societies. The decisions that individuals make at these points in time can characterize the success or failure of an entire culture.

I’m not talking about the current crash in the world financial markets. I’m just hyperbolizing an interesting change at work. I’m moving from working on a telecommunications client to beer. Mmm…. beer. Ice cold beer. Working with my old team and client was a lot of fun. Allow me to illustrate this with a wonderful chart:

So why would I walk away from such a piece of business? I mean, I even like technology and cell phones! The reason is simple. I like beer. Yes, I even like it more than money, open minds, trust, work friends and good looking people*. It’s delicious. It’s brings people together. It tears people apart. It is the inspiration behind every one of my drunk dials.

One of the brands that I’m going to be working on is Pilsner. Yup, my reaction was exactly the same. What the f-bomb is Pilsner? As fas as I know, it’s a type of beer (like an ale or a stout), not a brand. Well, turns out that I was wrong. It’s a brand that has a strong holding in the Canadian prairie provinces. And it’s actually got a long and “studious” history:

I can only hope that as I embark on this exciting new path, that I retain the “idea” in “idea drunk” and don’t just become a drunk. So the next time you see me at a bar, I’m actually doing research. Especially if I’m drinking a competitor’s product.

- Christian

*I lied. I like only like beer more than four of those things, not all of them.

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