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The Power Of No

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I was talking with my old director about a business presentation he was in and we came across an interesting topic. There have moments in history that have been defined by a single word – no. And these moments have changed the world for the better.

They could be as big as England saying “No” to the Germans in World War 2. It could be as small as a kid saying “No” and taking his toy back from a bully that’s stolen it. In both cases, the power of no is being employed.

No means you stand for something.
No means that you’re not there to appease.
No means you’re not a pushover.

No means you’re brave.
No means you don’t accept the situation as is.
No means you have options.

No means you have the power.

People like to be liked and hate to be hated. And the easiest way to achieve that is to say “Yes.” But there are times when “No” is much more powerful. It means you won’t compromise. It means you’re striving for the best. It means you don’t accept the easy out. So don’t be afraid to say “No.”

- Christian

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