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When Opportunity Knocks …

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When opportunity knocks, there’s a very simple and polite thing to do – answer. If you’re not basking in superstar status, the chances are that opportunity doesn’t knock every day. Taking a moment to listen and consider an opportunity costs you nothing. And yet the potential benefits could be tremendous.

Most people are afraid of opportunities. Why? Because they represent change. Opportunities can fuck up the pleasant little life that you’re living. They can make you move cities, change industries, leave the people that you’re comfortable with. They represent a chance for failure. They represent a chance for rejection. So most people avoid being confronted with real opportunities. They would rather stick to dreaming about what they want in front of the TV instead of getting off their ass to answer the door.

If you reject opportunities from afar, than you never risk the failure associated with actually chasing something that you might want. You never get to know if that opportunity is real or not. You’re playing it safe for the sake of your ego. At the very least, have the balls to see if you can capture the opportunity that’s available in front of you. Then decide later if you want to keep it.

- Christian


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